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Susan Beck Massage Therapy Instuctor

Susan Beck MTD, NCTMB

Office: Owen-Redfield Complex
Phone: 282-4287

Susan Beck MTD,NCTMB (National Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork) brings over thirty  years of experience in the massage industry into the massage therapy program. A pioneer in massage therapy in South-Central Idaho, her experience ranges from co-owner of a massage school in the 80’s, co-owner of The Massage Clinic, editing and contributing to writing the first edition of Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage by Mark Beck, active in promoting massage legislation in the State of Idaho, and also being an instructor-trainer for International Loving Touch Foundation for infant massage instructor courses nationally.  Recently serving as director and community liaison specialist and training for the Region 5 Childcare Resource and Referral Office, a project of the University of Idaho gives her the diversity of working in higher education.  Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association. 

Philosophy of Education

As a sophomore in college at 22, my mother died after a very short illness. While grieving, I received my first massage. This ultimately led me into a field of helping others through the power of touch. As Sharon Heller, PhD. states in Vital Touch, "Our fingertips contain an incredible pharmacy."

My personal goal as program coordinator is to provide students with a solid foundation for a successful career in the field of massage. Students will have the opportunity to learn foundational skills which will place them in the rank of 20% of massage graduates who have over 600 hours of training. "You have to have the foundation in before putting the roof on". Our Program exceeds training hours in most schools found in our state and gives students necessary skills to be a successful massage therapist. Students have more options with our program, by being able to obtain a technical certificate or an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The AAS will allow students to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Health Science Major, or a Bachelors of Applied Technology.

We provide opportunities to work on the public in our Massage Therapy Clinic for a total of 110 hours. Students obtaining an AAS will complete a 4 week internships in the early 4 week summer semester. Special populations are brought in providing students with actual "Hands On" opportunities to massage infants, pregnant women, disabled adults, athletes, and the elderly. While our industry is rapidly growing, and expected to grow at a faster than average pace, my plan is to bring our graduates into the workforce with the skills necessary to go right to work, attend any continuing education course in our field; and be able to assimilate and utilize new knowledge.

Andrea P. Gower

Andrea P. Gower, BS , NCTMB

Office: Owen-Redfield Complex
Phone: 282-3929

Ms. Gower received her BS in Adult Education from ISU in 1994. Post Baccalaureate coursework has also been completed in adult education and library sciences. Andrea is a nationally certified massage therapist, licensed by the State of Idaho, and a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Advanced training in myofascial release therapy has been completed under John F. Barnes and the Myofascial Release Treatment Centers. She has been teaching in the massage program since Fall of 2009.

Philosophy of Education

Our society is embracing holistic and multidisciplinary approaches like never before. Americans seem to be living shorter and dying longer as machines and medications keep us alive. However, without true quality of life, is that really living?

Because massage is a tool not only to address pain, but to maintain health and is accepted and embraced as a meaningful therapy, I am very pleased to play a part in the massage education arena. My life journey led me to not only receive massage for old injuries, but also to advanced training which allows me to share this healing modality with others. I received a bachelor's degree from Idaho State in Education and later pursued training from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. The John Barnes Institute of Myofascial Release provided additional advanced training in fascial release therapies. I have had the opportunity to work with hospice massage for several years and to serve the public in my own business, Massage Solutions, for over 13 years.

It is my hope that we can all change our focus from disease to ease and can find the joy that comes from connection to others. As massage therapy can be a meaningful pathway to that joy , I hope you join us in the journey.


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