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Textbooks may be purchased at the University Bookstore located at the Pond Student Union - Building #14. Textbooks may also be purchased or reserved on-line through or at the bookstore’s website. Payments may be made with cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. A shipping charge will be added for mail orders. See the bookstore’s website for more information on purchasing or reserving books or for refund policy information.  Save Your Receipts!

Note: Prices are subject to change at anytime without prior notification. Textbooks are subject to change each semester.

Description ISBN Approximate Price
MSTH 0100 Introduction to Massage Therapy
HO 0106 Medical Terminology
Exploring Medical Language 0323051835 $81.00
HO 0111 Intro Anatomy & Physiology
Seeley’s Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology 0077276191 $157.00
Anatomy & Physiology Revealed 2.0 CD 0073378070 $62.00
HO 0208 Intro to Pathology
Human Diseases (w/ CD) 1435427513 $104.00
Handbook of Pathophysiology 1582553023 $45.00
MSTH 0104 Intro to Kinesiology
Trail Guide to the Body 4th ed 0965853454 $59.00
Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards Volume 1 0977700607 $22.00
Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards Volume 2 0977700615 $22.00
Trail Guide to the Body Student Handbook (recommended but not required) 0965853462 ($23.00)
MSTH 0105 Therapeutic Massage
Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage, 5th ed. (hardbound only) 1435485238 $119.00
Essential Massage Companion 0974925802 $40.00
MSTH 0107 Professional Massage Techniques and Lab
TouchAbilities: Essential Connections 1418048334 $88.00
MSTH 0140 Therapeutic Procedure & Assessment
Managing Physical Stress with Therapeutic Massage (Hardbound only) 1418014896 $55.00
MSTH 0140 Clinical & Sport Massage Techniques
Basic Clinical Massage Therapy 2nd ed, Clay & Pounds 0781756778 $74.00
Description Approximate Price
MSTH 0100 – eISU Class Fee  
MSTH 0107 – Apron, badge, linen usage fee, lubricants $70.00
MSTH 0121 – Lubricants, linen usage fee ($38.00 per semester for both Fall and Spring semesters) $76.00
MSTH 0160 – Lubricants, linen usage fee $30.00
Approximate Total Class Fees
Description Approximate Price
Table, Face Cradle, storage bag $650.00
Set of twin sheets $30.00
Bolster - 6 inch $30.00
Approximate Total Tools $710.00
Description Approximate Price
Certified Background Check (Required for acceptance into the program) code ID 41 $45.00
Health Providers CPR & First Aid (Wellness Center ) $40.00
Idaho State Massage License issue by Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses $125.00
Medical History Form filled out and immunization records completed by end of Fall Semester (approximate cost) $125.00
MBLEx Exam (licensing exam) $195.00
Graduation application fee for first certificate/degree $20.00
Optional fee for any additional Certificate/Degree (10.00)
Approximate Total Other Expenses $550.00

Approximate Total Books, Tools, Etc. - Massage Therapy - $2,418.00


ISU tuition and insurance is not included in the above listed fees. Anticipate additional expenses associated with this program:
Textbooks associated with academic courses, Transportation, parking, child care, housing. You must check your class schedule to determine textbooks required by instructor