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Books & Supplies

Textbooks may be purchased at the University Bookstore located at the Pond Student Union - Building #14.  Textbooks may also be purchased or reserved on-line through or the bookstore’s website.  Payments may be made with cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.  A shipping charge will be added for mail orders.  See the bookstore’s website for more information on purchasing or reserving books or for refund policy information.  Save Your Receipts!

Approximate total book and tool costs for this program's options are listed below. Additional book costs will vary depending on the courses taken to fulfill general education requirements for the AAS degree. For a breakdown of books by individual class requirements, you must check your course curriculum.

Note: prices are subject to change at anytime without prior notification. Textbooks are subject to change each semester.

I. Books Listed By Course - First Semester
LAWE 0172 Health and Fitness
BLS for Healthcare Providers 0874934613 $17.50
Idaho Criminal & Traffic Law Manual, 2013, W/CD 9781422467688 $54.00
Post Manuals - Basic and Detention (Purchased through Program)    
Approximate Total Books - First Semester   $71.50
II. Supplies and Other Expenses - First Semester
Quantity Description Approximate Price
6 ea Binder, 2", 3-ring Notebook, Law Enforcement $30.00
14 pkg Dividers, Index $5.00
1 pr Eye protection $10.00
1 ea Fee, CPR class $5.00
1 Class fee (Lab fee for LAWE 0180 Ammunition and POST Hand-outs) $235.00
1 ea Fee, O.C. class $2.00
As needed Notebooks or Lined Paper (for note taking) $5.00
1 pr Over the Head Hearing Protection $15.00
As needed Pens and Pencils $5.00
1 set Sweat Outfit, Law Enforcement $75.00
  Polygraph Fee $150.00
  Approximate Total Supplies & Other Expenses - First Semester
  Approximate Total Books & Supplies - First Semester $608.50

RECOMMENDED: Hand Gun (9 mm, .45 caliber, .40 caliber, 3 magazines), Ballistic Vest, Duty Gear

III. Supplies and Other Expenses - SECOND SEMESTER
Description Approximate Price
Class Fee (LAWE 0181) Course Materials $50.00
Calculator: One that can perform square root functions $10.00
Uniforms: Two (2) Shirts - $50.00, Two (2) Pants - $60.00 $110.00
Approximate Total Supplies & Other Expenses - Second Semester
Approximate Total Books & Supplies - Second Semester $170.00
IV. Supplies and Other Expenses - FOURTH SEMESTER
Description Approximate Price
Graduation Application fee for first Certificate/Degree $20.00
Optional fee for any additional Certificate/Degree ($10.00)
Approximate Total Supplies & Other Expenses - Fourth Semester

Approximate Total Books and Expenses - Entire Program


Additional cold-weather clothing is sometimes required for Fall students. Please see Instructor.

ISU tuition and insurance is not included in the above listed fees. Anticipate additional expenses associated with this program:
Textbooks associated with academic courses, Transportation, parking, child care, housing. You must check your class schedule to determine textbooks required by instructor


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