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Textbooks may be purchased at the University Bookstore located at the Pond Student Union - Building #14. Textbooks may also be purchased or reserved on-line through or at the bookstore’s website. Payments may be made with cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. A shipping charge will be added for mail orders. See the bookstore’s website for more information on purchasing or reserving books or for refund policy information.  Save Your Receipts!

Note: Prices are subject to change at anytime without prior notification. Textbooks are subject to change each semester.

Description Approximate Price
CHLD 0105 Introduction to Early Childhood Care and Education
Ages and Stages ISBN 9780205515325 $17.00
Effective Practices in Early Childhood Education ISBN 9780132853330 $155.00
Creating Environments for Learning ISBN 9780132867542 $80.00
The Creative Curriculum for Infants Toddlers and Twos Volumes 1,2, & 3 ISBN 9781606174258 $120.00
Class Fee: Used to supply students with child assessment tools, portfolios, and photo printing. $10.00
CHLD 0110 Health, Safety, Nutrition, and Environments in ECCE
Healthy Young Children ISBN 9781928896821 $35.00
CHLD 0125 Guidance in ECCE
No Text Required    
Approximate Total Books & Fees - First Semester $417.00
CHLD 0135 Fostering Creativity in ECCE
Same Texts Used from Previous Semester    
CHLD 0141 Family Centered Care and Program Management in ECCE
Same Texts Used from Previous Semester    
Class Fee: Used to supply students with art materials $5.00
CHLD 0151 Curriculum Implementation in ECCE
Class Fee: Used to supply students with additional assessment tools, photo printing, and practicum classroom materials. $5.00
Approximate Total Books & Fees - Second Semester $10.00
CHLD 0210 Advanced Topics in Early Childhood Care and Education
Developmentally Appropriate Practice ISBN 97801928896642 $54.00
Early Childhood Education 13/14 ISBN 9780078136054 $46.00
Growing up with Literature ISBN 9781111342654 $103.00
Class Fee: Used to supply students with assessment tools and curriculum development materials. $5.00
CHLD 0215 Children with Exceptionalities
An Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs Birth through Age Eight ISBN 9781133959250 $143.00
Approximate Total Books & Fees - Third Semester $351.00
CHLD 0220 Advanced Administration and Program Management in ECCE
Developing and Administering a Child Care Education Program ISBN 9781418001681 $116.00
Approximate Total Books - Fourth Semester $116.00
ASISU Early Childhood Association Dues $5.00
General Lot per year parking permit (optional) ($100.00)
Medical History, Physical Exam, and Immunizations $100.00 to $250.00
CPR/First Aid Certificates $50.00
Child Care License and background check $80.00
Graduation Application fee for first Certificate/Degree $20.00
Professional organization dues (PAEYC) (optional) (required by 4th semester) ($45.00)
Graduation Application fee for first Certificate/Degree $20.00
Optional fee for additional Certificate/Degree (10.00)
Approximate Total - Other Expenses $255.00 to $560.00
Approximate Total Books and Other Expenses - Entire Technical Program $1,09.00 to $1314.00

Anticipate additional expenses associated with this program:
Textbooks associated with academic courses,
Transportation, parking, child care, housing.
You must check your class schedule to determine textbooks required by instructor


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