College of Business

Laptop Requirement

Undergraduate and graduation students officially admitted into their major in the College of Business are required to have a laptop computer.

Both exposure to and mastery of technology prepare students to excel in today's technology-driven business environment and is expected by employers. The ISU College of Business has defined a goal to have our students graduate with a high degree of technological sophistication so that they are even more attractive to potential employers.

What and How to Purchase

Because the computer is a required part of your education, the amount of financial aid that you are eligible for may have changed. You can check with the Financial Aid office to see if you have been affected.


The laptop hardware requirements are relatively straightforward: it should be capable of effectively running the software listed below. Other than that ability, the most important feature to consider when purchasing your computer is the battery life. Most classrooms do not have sufficient power outlets to allow everyone to plug in their computer; therefore, your computer may be required to run off of battery power for several hours.


Your computer must have...

The university has made arrangements with Follet, the company that runs the campus bookstore in the PSUB, to supply some Microsoft software (including MS Windows Professional and MS Office Professional) at SIGNIFICANT discounts. The price for MS Office Professional, for example, is $79.99. You can even order online through Follet's online store.

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