Frequently Asked Questions

When will my site be migrated onto the CMS?
We will contact you when work begins on your website. Migration plans are made at the beginning of each semester and re-evaluated at midterms. Migration is a multi-step process and we are typically working on 10-12 sites at the same time.
When will I be trained to use CMS?
You will receive an invitation to training after your site has been migrated onto the CMS. Training sessions are scheduled each month. See schedule
I made changes in TerminalFour, why is it not showing up on the website?
First, be sure that you have approved your content. This can be done by choosing Save and Approve when saving content or in the Content Approval queue.
Second, content is published and transfered once each hour. The cycle lasts from the beginning of the hour to 15 or 20 after (3:00-3:20). Only content that is approved before the hour will be published.
If this does not resolve the issue, contact us.


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