May 2013

Photo of Paul Briggs Photo of Rick Ardinger

Professional Achievement Awards

Two alumni-Rick Ardinger and Colonel F. Paul Briggs-were honored at commencement ceremonies on May 11 as recipients of the Professional Achievement Award in their division of the College. (read more...)


Photo of Donna Lybecker

Donna Lybecker, Political Science, Receives Distinguished Teacher Award

Donna Lybecker, associate professor of political science, was honored at commencement as the ISU Distinguished Teacher. (read more...)




Photo of Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson, Music, Receives Distinguished Public Service Award

Scott Anderson, professor of music was honored at commencement as the recipient of the ISU Distinguished Public Service Award. (read more...)



Thom Hasenpflug Kevin Marsh Diana Livingston- Friedley

Outstanding Faculty Awards Announced

Three other faculty members from the college have received outstanding faculty awards as finalists for the distinguished faculty awards. Diana Livingston Friedley, Music, received a Master Teacher award; Kevin Marsh, History, received an Outstanding Public Service award; and Thom Hasenpflug, Music, received an Outstanding Researcher Award. (read more...)


Photo of Alexa Goff Photo of Steven Boomhower

Outstanding Student Awards

Students Steven Boomhower and Alexa Goff are honored as the 2013 Outstanding Students in their division of the college. (read more...)




Photo of Grant Harville

New Idaho State-Civic Symphony Conductor/Music Director Announced

Grant Harville named as the new Idaho State-Civic Symphony Conductor/Music Director. Dean of the ISU College of Arts & Letters, Kandi Turley-Ames, said the selection of Harville is a great one. "He is very thoughtful about how he approaches music and very talented in the classroom; he just seems to want to share his love of music." (read more...)


Photo of Jennifer Attebery Photo of Pamela Park

Spy Festival Held

A five-day festival of events at ISU and the Portneuf Brewery, March 17th - 21st, enabled a fascinating focus on the detective and spy genre in literature and film. As organized by the Department of English and Philosophy and the Department of Languages and Literatures, films, lectures, and a panel discussion at the March Humanities Café offered the Pocatello and ISU communities a unique opportunity to reflect on the nature of this category of literature and film, which has dominated the imagination of millions of readers and film-goers around the world. (read more...)


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