April 2013

Raphael Njoku, International Studies, Publishes Book

photo of Raphael Njoku

Dr. Raphael Chijioke Njoku, associate professor of history, and director of the International Studies Program, recently published a new book, The History of Somalia, published by Greenwood Press. His motivation for the book is found in the many-sided history of this East African country that has been dealing with political fragmentations since the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1990. The book addresses not only Somali sociocultural history but also covers Somalia's administration and economy, secessionist movements, civil and regional wars, as well as examining the dynamics of state collapse, democratization, terrorism, and piracy in contemporary times.

photo of Raphael Njoku

Njoku, whose research interests include the socioeconomic and political history of Africa, health and medicine, civil movements, culture, and comparative politics, is also the chair of the Department of Economics and academic advisor for the International Affairs Council. He is the author of Culture and Customs of Morocco (2005), African Cultural Values: Igbo Political Leadership in Colonial Nigeria, 1900-1966 (2006), and co-editor of four books, Missions, States and European Expansions (2007), War and Peace in Africa (2010), Africa and the Wider World (2010), and African History (2011). Dr. Njoku has also authored 31 scholarly articles and is the founding editor of Notes and Records: The International Journal of African and African Diaspora Studies.


Naomi Adams, Art, Receives Award

photo of Naomi Adams

Naomi S. Adams, assistant professor of art, was recently awarded a Juror's Award for her artwork in the "Materials Hard & Soft" 2013 national exhibition. Diamonds was one of ten pieces in this year's exhibition selected for a Juror's Award. "Materials Hard & Soft" is a competitive, national exhibition provided through the Greater Denton Texas Arts Council. The show celebrates the union of craftsmanship and innovation, encouraging artists to push the limits of their chosen material and medium.

photo of Diamonds

This year's juror was Jean W. McLaughlin, Executive Director of the Penland School of Craft. "I was delighted by the strength of the work in this show," McLaughlin said. "The pieces are accomplished, fresh, sensitive, diverse, some controlled and more traditional, others freely using processes to push ideas forward."

This is the second time Adams has been selected to have artwork juried into this exhibition. Five hundred sixty-eight pieces were submitted from 37 states, with 71 chosen for inclusion. A $500 prize accompanies each Juror's Award. The 26th annual Materials Hard & Soft exhibition at the Meadows Gallery runs from February 8 through April 5.

King Yik, Economics, Receives Award

Photo of King Yik

Dr. King-Yuen Yik, visiting assistant professor of economics, was named this year's recipient of the "Excellence in Education" award, sponsored by the Idaho State University Latter-day Saints Student Association. The award, which was established in 2012, is based on nominations submitted by ISU students affiliated with the Pocatello LDS Institute. Each student is asked to nominate the teacher who has "made a positive impact on you and your education." The professor who receives the most nominations receives the reward.

"There were many professors nominated this year," said Dr. Robert Lee, director of the Pocatello Institute. "Generally, the students expressed appreciation for a professor's passion for the subject, willingness to provide help outside of class, and the ability to articulate complicated concepts in simple language."

Dr. Yik will be honored with a commemorative plaque and a luncheon in his honor at the Pocatello LDS Institute in early April. "Based on the comments of the students," Dr. Lee added, "we are very privileged to have Dr. Yik on the faculty at ISU."

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Students Receive Competitive National Internships

Photo of Students

To obtain a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology, a student must complete a training internship much like the residency requirement for medical students. Accredited internships are extremely competitive. In 2010, 3889 Ph.D. students entered the national match, and 72% obtained internship positions. We are extremely pleased to report that 100% of the ISU students entering the match this year secured internships. This is a notable accomplishment for our doctoral students and the Clinical Psychology Program. These training opportunities are exciting and offer the possibility that students will bring the skills they gain back to underserved areas like Idaho to provide specialized health services. The ISU internship recipients are Alina Bonci, Michelle Lillie Grimes, Beena Kuruvilla, and Jennifer Peterson.

Alina Bonci will go to the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan to obtain training in inpatient treatment with adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses. This state hospital serves over half of the population of Colorado.

Michelle Lillie Grimes will be at the Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. She will gain specialized training in child psychology with a focus on behavioral pediatrics.

Beena Kuruvilla obtained an internship at Emory University School of Medicine. She will be working with child and adult psychiatric populations within a large, inner-city hospital in Atlanta, GA. She will also contribute to an ongoing research project, the Family Violence Grady NIA Project, which assists African-American women with a history of exposure to interpersonal violence.

Jennifer Peterson will be an intern at the Missouri Health Sciences Psychology Consortium in Columbia, Missouri. She will gain training in providing integrated medical and psychological services to veterans in a VA setting as well as neuropsychological and rehabilitative services to pediatric and adult populations..

ISU Hosted CEDA Debate Tournament

Photo of Students

The Rupp Debate Society hosted the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) National Tournament at Idaho State University March 23rd through March 26th. Two hundred eighty-six students from universities all over the country travelled to Pocatello for four days to debate the topic of energy resources. They brought with them 136 coaches and formed 143 teams. The tournament ran very smoothly, thanks to Dr. Sarah Partlow-Lefevre of the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies and her team of twenty-eight ISU students who spent three months planning for the tournament. Students, coaches, and judges all commented on the quality of the tournament and the services provided for them during the tournament. Andy Ellis, formerly of Towson debate, said it was "one of the best CEDAs ever." He also stated, "From all the feedback I got, you did a great job (as usual)."

Photo of Students

Matea Ivanovic of Idaho State University placed 18th in a field of 266 for the National Speaker Award. Roger Copenhaver placed 32nd in the same category. Their team (Idaho State CoIv) was the 16th seed overall and lost in double octo finals. The Idaho State DoHo debate team, Kendra Doty and Andrew Hoth, was 56th seed and lost in triple octofinals. Roger Copenhaver was named to the All-American Debate Team while Matea Ivanovic (Cum Laude) and Kendra Doty (Summa Cum Laude) were both recognized for exceptional academic performance. The team also took third place in the West for regional point totals throughout the year. Congratulations to our debate teams and all their hard work representing Idaho State University in the 2012-2013 year!

Spotlight on Jennifer Ford

photo of Jen Ford

Jennifer Ford earned her B.A. in Mass Communication from Idaho State University's College of Arts & Letters in 2010. She now loves life as a page designer for The New York Times Company.

Ford states, "I have always loved art and print media. I started out with an interest in alternative weekly papers. I loved going to different cities and picking up an alt weekly to read the articles and check out the design."

For more than nine months now, Ford has been working on the New York Times International Weeklies and is now in charge of production on its Spanish-language publications.

Like many ISU students, Ford had to balance school and life. "When I was a student, I was also a mother. Balancing work, school, and family was a huge task," Ford explains. "I think it taught me how to prioritize, and it helped prepare me for working full-time while being a mom. Working parents have a tough gig, and I think it is even harder to be a parent while in college. I was focused on finishing my degree so that I could give my kids a better life, and I hope it motivates them to work toward a college degree in the future."

Before making her way to the Times' Editing Center in Gainesville, Florida, Ford worked at a number of familiar Pocatello enterprises gathering any experience she could that would help her with her career. "While in school, I wanted as much real world experience as I could get. I would work on projects for family and friends, trade design work for a free lunch, and I had a few internships or work study jobs and eventually a full-time design job."

Ford helped start The Bannock Alternative, working as art director and editor-in-chief. She was later the outreach coordinator of the Pocatello Co-op. She was also the lead graphic designer for Vivid Concepts magazine, which included work on Pocatello Magazine and the Chamber of Commerce's magazine.

"I am glad to be a part of the newspaper industry at such an interesting time in its history," she wrote. "Newspapers are changing and evolving, and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next."

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