Black Rock & Sage

Events & Important Dates

2013-2014 BR&S Events!

  • Fall Write-a-Thon: Saturday, December 6th, 1-4 pm in REND


This unique event is a writing free-for-all. Sequester yourself with us for an afternoon in the computer lab to compete against your fellow writers, typing as many words as you can in three hours. Brief hourly breaks will give you a chance to sample the culinary creations of our very own BR&S staff. Prizes for the most words typed or the most words edited will be presented hourly, and a grand prize will be awarded based on your three-hour total. Whether you have a work-in-progress, an idea you want to explore, or you're just drawing a blank, join us. You just might write the first draft of a piece that ends up in Black Rock & Sage.

Launch Party

The capstone of the production year, the launch party celebrates the release of our new issue and honors contributing authors and artists. BR&S welcomes contributors' family and friends, along with anyone one else who appreciates excellent creative works. Join us at the launch and enjoy a rapid-fire reading by contributing authors, refreshments, and the opportunity to be a part of ISU's creative community.

BR&S is always interested in supporting the larger creative community in southeastern Idaho. If you know of an event that we should be a part of, please pass your suggestion on at