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I am interested in the invisible inter-workings of systems and the polarities of specific fragile, yet stable, instances. Circuses, fireworks, patriotic parties and bomb zones can each be identified as common and current cultural events. While fireworks accompany a celebrated occasion, the presence of danger is constant. Such an explosion in the air resonates directly with explosions on the ground. The remains of these events are left to fade into the atmosphere, leaving only a memory of existence. I want to continue investigating events that include activities that can be interpreted as celebratory or violent, dependent on personal and cultural beliefs.

As I consider the obvious connections between seemingly disparate moments, I am unable to approach thought with complete remove. My experiences trickle in matter-of-factly, my hand often bypassing my mind in the process. This interjection of personal narrative allows me to highlight both the playfulness and the polarities of festive celebrations.

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